You’ve started seeing someone new and things are going great. You’ve both reviewed your Relationship DNA assessment results and there are no significant red flags that indicate longer term relationship risks.  You enjoy spending time together, they make you laugh, and you’re happy whenever you’re with them. There’s tons of physical chemistry and you’re excited about where things are going.  Congratulations!  You’re off to a great start and that’s awesome.

So, to help the wheels of progress continue to move in the right direction, here are a few additional things that you can do to help you to know if the person you’re sweet on has long term potential, or if things will burn hot and fade fast.

1. Volunteer Together

Whether it’s a soup kitchen, a children’s hospital or planting vegetables in a community garden, spending time helping others will allow you to see how altruistic your partner is. Not only that, studies have shown that men are more likely to commit after this type of outing.

2. The 24-Hour Test

It might seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that a long-term partner is someone you should be able to spend a lot of time with. Try spending at least 24 hours with your significant other and see how you fare. If you’re feeling really daring, try a full weekend with your main squeeze. If by hour 10 you’re ready to tear your hair out, they’re probably not your person.

3. Meet Their Friends

You might not be able to choose your family, but you have full control over your friends. While you might not be at the “meet the parents” stage in your relationship, asking to meet someone’s inner circle is a great way to learn more about them. Most important to note — do these people know all about you, or are you news to them? If you commit to this person you’ll be seeing these friends a lot, they don’t need to be perfect, but you should like spending time with them.

4. Ask Them for A Favor

(Within reason of course!) Asking your partner to do a simple favor for you will reveal if they’re really serious about you and the relationship. Whether it’s picking up your dry cleaning, giving you a ride to the airport, or walking your dog, these simple acts can reveal a lot about a person / their generous spirit. If they can’t make the time to complete even a small request, then you might want to look elsewhere.

New romance can be super exciting and if you’re ready to date with marriage or a long-term relationship in mind, then it’s worth taking the time to check in with yourself (and your partner). Through knowledge, generosity, and communication, your happily-ever-after will be off to a wonderful start.

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